General Contracting Services

We can help you every step of the way from design assist to project close-out. Services include:

XBC routinely works with the A&E team during the pre-construction period of a project to bring creative and practical construction input to generate the best quality project for the dollar spent by our clients. This process is revisited during the early construction document phase to ensure the concepts are carried through to the "permit ready" plans.

In the build to suit process XBC makes an early commitment to our clients on timing and price. The responsibility for the hiring and management of the design team falls squarely on the XBC team to carry the ideas forward to a permit ready set and "bid ready" documents. XBC continues to maintain management responsibility for the project through completion and occupancy. Generally, our BTS clients have businesses they need to manage while creating a valuable real estate investment for their companies, XBC leads the concept, design and build process.

Estimating at XBC is done by an experienced team of project participants including the Directors, project managers, and key staff within the firm. "Coverage is key" and many of the sub trades have maintained long standing relationships with XBC. Since 1990 XBC has been working with City officials, sub contractors, and A&E firms to create the greatest environment for a successful project.

XBC utlizes a "critical path" style project schedule as our "Road Map" to an ON TIME delivery. The schedule is prepared in the early stages of the project and refined during plan development as additional input arises from the entitlement process. Vertical construction periods become refined as the bid documentation and sub trade input is added. Prior to ground breaking a practical end date for delivery of the building with acceleration alternatives is developed for each project.

Every project can be built faster, smarter and more cost efficiently. Where professional and experienced design build support touches physical, policy and business priorities, time and money are saved. At XBC, finding that "sweet spot" is one of our greatest strengths and priorities. At the Director level, a combined 60 plus years of experience offers our clients "the best in class."

Pre construction review means simply the work effort put towards the project by the XBC team prior to ground breaking. The areas of specialization include the 5 areas of support defined above

The XBC team of project level staff includes:

  1. In house planning / architectural support
  2. Experienced estimating and buy out capability
  3. Project managers with design, entitlement, and construction backgrounds
  4. Experienced General supervision and quality field supervision to run site and infrastructure field operations to a successful "on time - on budget" completion
  5. Director level oversight during all phases of development and or the construction management process

Each project enjoys the benefit of an exclusive XBC close out services package which includes:

  1. Final job walk and punch list of minor items
  2. Architect certified "substantial completion" document and close out lender requirement packages
  3. Warranty and instruction binders and "as built" plans for our owner's operations personnel
  4. Follow up availability from the XBC team for any minor repairs and questions for a 1 year period
  5. Director level availability for continuing follow up on client satisfaction

Referrals are the foundation to a successful business platform. Our clients routinely offer to tour new clients and discuss the XBC process and outcome for their projects and businesses.

General Contracting Services